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Philadelphia, PA
I & I Sling, Inc., 205 Bridgewater Road, Aston, PA 19014

NCCCO Rigger 1$750.00 (Not including NCCCO Fees)
11/4-6/2019 – FULL
NCCCO Signalperson $750.00 (Not including NCCCO Fees) 11/7-8/2019
Qualified Inspector$895.0012/16-17/2019
Competent Rigger I$495.0012/18/2019
Competent Rigger II$695.0012/19-20/2019
Lift Director$1,295.001/14-16/2020
Qualified Inspector$895.003/16-17/2020
Competent Rigger 1$595.003/18/2020
Competent Rigger 2$895.003/19-20/2020

I&I Slingmax – North Carolina
3824 Patterson Street Greensboro, NC 27407

Course PriceDate
Qualified Inspector$895.0012/9-10/2019
Competent Rigger I$495.0012/11/2019
Competent Rigger II$695.0012/12-13/2019

I&I Slingmax – Lorton, Virginia
Location TBD

Course PriceDate
Qualified Signalperson$595.003/23/2020
Competent Rigger I$595.003/24/2020
Competent Rigger II$895.003/25-26/2020

I&I Slingmax – Knoxville, Tennessee
6000 Industrial Heights Drive Knoxville, TN 37909

Course PriceDate
Lift Director$1295.001/14-16/2020
Qualified Inspector$895.003/9-10/2020
Competent Rigger I$595.003/11/2020
Competent Rigger II$895.003/12-13/2020

Elko Wire Rope – Salt Lake City, Utah
2425 West Bridger Rd. Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Course PriceDate
Qualified Inspector$895.001/27-28/2020
Competent Rigger I $595.001/29/2020
Competent Rigger II$895.001/30-31/2020

John Sakach of St. Louis – St. Louis, MO
30 Central Industrial Drive Granite City, IL 62040

Course PriceDate
Qualified Inspector$895.002/24-25/2020
Competent Rigger I $595.002/26/2020
Competent Rigger II$895.002/27-28/2020

Crane Services Inc – Albuquerque, New Mexico
505 Murry Road SE Albuquerque, NM 87105

Course PriceDate
Qualified Inspector$895.001/6-7/2020
Competent Rigger I $595.001/8/2020
Competent Rigger II$895.001/9-10/2020

CTS – Long Island, New York

Course PriceDate
Qualified Signalperson$595.002/10/2020
Competent Rigger I $595.002/11/2020
Competent Rigger II$895.002/12-13/2020

WRPS Room 94
1814 Terminal Dr., Richland, Washington, 99352, United States

Course PriceDate
Rigging Engineer Review$1,195.0012/3-5/2019
Rigging Engineer Review $1,195.00 12/10-12/2019