The Professional Rigger course consist of twenty-four hours of intense study covering advanced rigging applications. This course prepares the participant to safely plan and perform rigging activity that have a high level of difficulty. The participant will be instructed on the calculation of center of gravities, tensions applied to rigging gear used on symmetric and non-symmetric loads, headroom limitations, load weight estimation and horizontal load movement, mobile crane set-up and load chart interpretation. The course will address different load handling equipment such as hoists, rollers, mobile and overhead cranes. Workshops including center of gravity location, sling and hardware loading, rigging design, lift plan writing, lift plan review and presentation will utilize the knowledge learned throughout this training.

The participant should have completed Rigging Institute’s Competent Rigger – 2 course or equivalent training or experience. Participants should have a good working knowledge of center of gravity, sling tension and load weight calculations.

The course is structured for tradesmen and professionals who wish to increase their understanding of the science and the art of rigging. The course material is presented so that the participant can progress from simple to more complex problems.


Cancellation Policy

$250 cancellation fee for cancellations less than 48hrs.