Lift Director Training – Time: 24 hours.

The Lift Director course consist of 24 hours of study, that will prepare the experienced Supervisor, Rigging Engineer or Rigger to assume responsibilities as Lift Director. This course provides the training and skills necessary for the participant to review lift plans that will enhance safety and overall efficiency of the lifts. The participant will learn personnel responsibilities, identify center of gravity for simple and complex lifts, tensions applied to rigging gear for symmetric and non-symmetric loads, headroom limitations, load weight estimation, correct rigging applications and personnel platform use. Also covered is mobile crane set-up, load chart interpretation and lift plan review workshops designed to enhance the Lift Director’s ability to identify and correct issues prior to executing the lift. A written evaluation of course content will be completed at the end of the course to verify course knowledge.


Cancellation Policy

$250 cancellation fee for cancellations less than 48hrs.