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  • Competent Rigger II
    March 25, 2020 - March 26, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Course Content: Similar to Competent Rigger Level 1, except this course also includes workshops designed to ensure the student has gained a hands on understanding of the training material.

Part 1. General

  1. Rigging Practices – correct practices vs. common mistakes.
  2. Center of Gravity – effects on suspended load.
  3. Headroom – calculating sling length using Pythagorean Theory.
  4. Taglines – basic do’s and don’ts.
  5. Hitch Types – vertical, choker & basket.
  6. Load angle factors – calculating force on a sling based on the angle.
  7. D/d ratios – resultant decrease in a slings ultimate strength.
  8. Load Weight Estimation – for common construction materials.
  9. Sling Protectors – 3-types including cut protection for synthetic slings.
  10. Crane Signals.

Part 2. Sling Inspection: Review the following sling types and their respective tagging and general inspection requirements. Includes a demonstration of periodic inspection requirements per the current ASME B.30.9 Standard.

  1. Roundslings
  2. Web Slings
  3. Wire Rope Slings
  4. Alloy Chain Slings
  5. Wire Mesh Slings

Part 3. Hardware Inspection: Review basic types of rigging hardware and their respective identification requirements and proper use. Includes a demonstration of periodic inspection requirements per the current ASME B.30.10 and B.30.26 Standards.

  1. Shackle Inspection
  2. Hooks, swivel inspection
  3. Master link and Ring inspection
  4. G-Link™ Inspection
  5. Eyebolt & Swivel Hoist Ring Inspection
  6. Turnbuckle Inspection
  7. Wire Rope Clip Inspection

Part 4. Written Evaluation: Multiple-choice and True & False questions.

Note: Competent Rigger Level II does not require Competent Rigger Level I as a prerequisite. 

Venue:   I&I Sling Virginia

7403 Lockport Pl, Lorton, Virginia, 22079, United States


Lorton, Virginia
7403 Lockport Pl,
Lorton, VA 22079